Fits more than just toothpaste!

TubeCoverz fit toothpaste tubes, and 35+ other products, with a 1 1/2" inch flip-top cap:


Toothpaste: All flavors in these 11 brands and sizes

Colgate® :  5oz, 5.5oz, 5.8oz, 6oz, and kids size 4.6
Crest® :  5.5oz, 6oz - twist cap 
Dr. Bronner's®: 5oz - twist cap
Kids Orajel®: 4.2oz
Hello®: 4.2oz
Oral Essentials®: 3.75oz
Modere®: 6.1oz
My Magic Mud®: 4oz
Redmond Earth Paste®: 4oz
Sensodyne® : 6oz
TOMS® : 4.2oz                                                                                                            
We made this first production run in a size that covers the most toothpaste brands, sizes and flavors possible. We plan to launch more sizes in the future. 
35+ other products: Great news! We also fit all of these other products. Even if the tube is a little shorter, TubeCoverz fits and still looks better than the standard packaging, in our humble opinion. 
Sunscreen: It's nice to share, but always know which sunscreen is yours.
Aveno® 3oz tubes
Aveno Baby® (all types) 3oz tubes
Bare Republic® 3.4oz tubes
Bare Republic® 4.7oz tubes
Coppertone® (all types) 3oz tubes
Equate Beauty Ultra Sheer Sunscreen Lotion 3oz (WalMart®)
JASON® Kids Sunscreen 4oz
Neutrogena® (all SPF) 3oz tubes
Ocean Potion® Renew & Protect FACE 3oz
Target® "Up and Up" brand sunscreen (all SPF) 3oz tubes

Lotion: Don't let ugly lotion tubes clutter up your side tables or work desk.

A path of light® Hand Cream
Aquaphor® Hand Cream 3oz tubes
Borage® Therapy Hand Cream 2.5oz
CeraVe®  Healing Ointment 3oz tube
Cortizone 10®/Eczema 3.5oz tube
Eucerin® Advanced Repair Lotion 2.7oz tubes
Gold Bond® Diabetics Dry Skin Hand Cream 2.4oz
Gold Bond® Hand Cream(s) 3oz tubes
Gold Bond® Psoriasis Relief Creme 4oz tube
Jergens® Natural Glow® Moisturizer 4oz 
O'Keeffe's® Working Hands 3oz
Target® "Up and Up" brand lotions 3oz tubes
Vanicream® Moisturizing Skin Cream 4oz tube
Vaseline® Lotion(s) 3oz tubes
Yestococonut® Hand and Cuticle Cream 3oz

Skin Care: Don't let boring skin care packaging clutter up your bathroom counter.

Aveno® Posititvely Radiant® 60-sec in-shower Facial 5oz
ACURE® Pore Clarifying Facial Scrub
ACURE® Facial Cleansing Cream
Borage® Therapy Facial Scrub 4.2oz
Desitin® (Baby Diaper Cream) 4oz
JASON® Apricot Scrub
Mineral Fusion® Face Scrub 4oz
No. 7 Beautiful Skin® Melting Gel Cleaner 150ml
No. 7 Beautiful Skin® Cleansing Balm 150ml 
Shea Moisture® Problem Skin Facial Wash and Scrub 4oz

Yestotomatoes® Daily Clarifying Cleanser 3.8oz

Personal Lotion: Don't be embarrassed.
Have you found another product that TubeCoverz fits? We would love to hear from you. Please share the product name and size, and a picture to We will include it in the list and make our customers aware of the new item. Thank you.