Founders Page

Thank you to all of our family, and friends we consider family, who helped us reach our Kick Starter goal. Your generosity, encouragement and support helped us take this chance on a new product and new business. 


  • The von Kutzleben's
  • The Hutchinson's
  • The Karr's
  • Kelly Kennedy, PHD
  • George and Roxanne Hotz
  • The Mariolle's
  • Riley Jordan Manheimer
  • K. Cohen
  • Alex Laporte
  • CJ Higginbotham
  • Sangeet Pillai
  • Karen & Greg Bower
  • Susan & Tom Pavloff
  • Ryen Shimizu
  • Cheryl Savod
  • Melissa Goffin
  • Stacey Coker
  • Liz Stewart