Our Story

I came up with the idea for TubeCoverz(TM), while decorating my bathroom. My husband hates sharing toothpaste, and literally wrote his name on his tube in a thick black marker. I thought about how much I had just spent on matching towels and the toothbrush/soap dish set, and went in search of a cover for our hideous toothpaste tubes. Nothing existed!

After 20+ years in advertising, I had always longed to start my own company, but the big idea hadn’t hit me, until now. 

Let's be real - this is a fun product - not an "I need this" product. So we wanted to do something to give back. For every TubeCoverz we sell we will donate a mini-sized tube of toothpaste to people in need. 

Since day one, I've been dedicated to working with local owned companies and with as many women owned companies as possible. After reviewing the options of manufacturing in the USA or in China, we made the decision to stay "Made in the USA". As you can guess, this means we make less profit, but importantly it also means more work for US based companies and we are very proud of that. Thus far, we have worked with five local North Florida companies (three woman-owned), and we even found a woman-owned silicone company on the East Coast and we couldn't be more thrilled.
This is no longer just my idea. People who also can't stand their toothpaste tubes are why we are doing this. We used a national Survey Monkey survey to vet the product idea. As we hoped 50% of us in the USA leave our toothpaste tubes on our counters in plain sight. We were surprised and happy that you guys are as lazy as we are :) Then we had people help us choose the initial colors and patterns to launch with. We want to keep getting your input and would love you to be part of our community and help us plan for the future. Please sign up for our newsletter or email us at glittertudepower@gmail.com be involved.

If you noticed that TubeCoverz is a Glittertude company, that's because I see TubeCoverz as my first product. Who knows what's next! Glittertude is a mix of "Glitter" and "Attitude" and that pretty much describes me and my company. I'm committed to running this business with passion, integrity, a bit of sparkle of course, and an eye on the future. So here it goes!

Onwards and Upwards,

Amber Askins Gearhart                                                                                             Founder: Glittertude, LLC

For our full start-up story see our Kickstarter page: http://bit.ly/TubeCoverz