How do you slide TubeCoverz on if they are sticking to the toothpaste tube a bit? 

The best way to put on TubeCoverz is to stand the tube on it's head, then use both hands to pull apart the opening and slide it down over the tube. Watch how easy it is here:https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=M5OgaOtVhew

Otherwise, you can a very little bit of water to the outside of the toothpaste tube and it will go on more easily. Also bend in the edges of the closed end of the tube a bit so it's more narrow - it will expand back once inside the TubeCoverz.

How can I wash TubeCoverz?

You can wipe TubeCoverz clean with just a litter water, add a little mild soap or even throw it in the dishwasher.

Why are the options limited to only one size, two color choices in matte and shiny, and 4 designs? 

We are a new company and each size, color and design is a large investment. As we sell more TubeCoverz we will be able to make alternate sizes and styles. If you have an size, color or style idea please email us at glittertudepower@gmail.com.

Will TubeCoverz keep their shape as the toothpaste tube becomes empty? 


Do TubeCovez fit other things besides toothpaste? 

Yes, we fit 35+ other products and counting. Please see the list of what TubeCoverz covers on this page https://tubecoverz.com/pages/

Are TubeCoverz really "Made in America? 

Yes. We worked hard to find a manufacturer here in the U.S. Finding a woman-owned silicone manufacturer was a huge plus for us. We did price out manufacturing in China, but we decided to pay the premium to stay "Made in the USA". It's very important to us.

Are TubeCoverz BPA free? 


Can I customize my TubeCoverz? 

We can now add 1 or 2 punched holes to allow you to add your own charms/Jibbitz like with Crocs! Choose it as an add-on. As far as putting your name or something else on a TubeCoverz, this is something we hope to offer in the future. We are investigating a printer that will allow us to customize TubeCoverz even more - with names, team logos, etc. Stay tuned! 

Where do you donate the mini toothpaste tubes? 

We are providing the mini toothpaste tubes every other month to a local shelter here in Jacksonville, FL. Until October 2017 we will be donating to hurricane hit areas in TX and FL. We are open to adding more non-profits to receive the minis. If you have a need, please contact us at glittertudepower@gmail.com

I want to buy a whole bunch of TubeCoverz for my store. Who should I contact? 

Sounds great. Please email us at glittertudepower@gmail.com